About Us

The Tenfold story

An inspired approach to provide a platform for anyone to leave behind a Legacy! Give the opportunity for people to learn & provide platforms for people to give & receive.

What we do

Tenfold are global leaders in developing innovative Islamic educational products for all ages

Product Development

Production & manufacturing of innovative Islamic products

Tenfold producing quality Islamic video content to convey the message of Islam and also teach the fundamental basics of the Islamic Faith

Content Creation

Creating impactful videos, short courses and literature

This image depicts Tenfold's ability and strategy to use social media and online fundraising campaigns to boost support and funding

Giving Platforms

Social & fundraising campaigns to boost support & funding

Shipping Islamic products all over the globe, such the My Prayer packs, My Belief boxes, My 1st Prayer Childrens Islamic Gifts

Fulfillment & Logistics

Centralized logistics centre for global product distribution

Tenfold supports Islamic organisations with Da'wah resources which they use to help others learn about Islam and learn how to pray and perform wudu

Organisation Support

Supporting Da’wah orgs with our products & services

Tenfold supports Muslims with Da'wah resources which they use to help others learn about Islam and learn how to pray and perform wudu

Individual Support

Assistance with FREE products & resources to individuals

A charitable organisation

Tenfold is a non-profit organisation developing innovative Islamic learning products for communities across the globe.

Tenfold is a succession of rewards through pioneering products that we can all afford to give and receive.

With a diverse team operating globally and delivering innovative products to 42 countries, Tenfold unites people with the belief that everyone is equally able to donate or receive the gift of learning and can create a legacy for future generations together.

Our products developed by looking for innovative gaps in the market and creating learning resources that meet the true desires of people. We don’t give you what you already know – we are game changers who take the initiative to create change and disrupt the industry and give something worthwhile and inspiring.

You can be a donor and leave a legacy behind in your own time and way by helping us generate the products that we create and deliver to those who can’t afford to buy the products. You also have the opportunity to be the recipient and get closer to the Lord through prayer and other self-learning projects that we’ve revolutionized to suit the diverse world in which Muslims and non-Muslims understand Islam, or you can have the opportunity to be both the giver and the recipient.

A legacy gift is often the most significant gift a person makes and every legacy – large or small – makes a difference.

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