About Us

The Tenfold story

An inspired approach to provide a platform for anyone to leave behind a Legacy! Give the opportunity for people to learn & provide platforms for people to give & receive.

What we do

Tenfold are global leaders in developing innovative Islamic educational products for all ages

Product Development

Production & manufacturing of innovative Islamic products

Tenfold producing quality Islamic video content to convey the message of Islam and also teach the fundamental basics of the Islamic Faith

Content Creation

Creating impactful videos, short courses and literature

This image depicts Tenfold's ability and strategy to use social media and online fundraising campaigns to boost support and funding

Giving Platforms

Social & fundraising campaigns to boost support & funding

Shipping Islamic products all over the globe, such the My Prayer packs, My Belief boxes, My 1st Prayer Childrens Islamic Gifts

Fulfillment & Logistics

Centralized logistics centre for global product distribution

Tenfold supports Islamic organisations with Da'wah resources which they use to help others learn about Islam and learn how to pray and perform wudu

Organisation Support

Supporting Da’wah orgs with our products & services

Tenfold supports Muslims with Da'wah resources which they use to help others learn about Islam and learn how to pray and perform wudu

Individual Support

Assistance with FREE products & resources to individuals

A charitable organisation

Tenfold is a non-profit organisation developing innovative Islamic learning products for communities across the globe.

The Tenfold Team

  • A picture of the Co-Founder Mohammad Quadan who has worked in the field of Da'wah since 2005

    Mohammad Quadan

    Besides doing his best to be a minimalist, Mohammad is an innovative thinker who loves to travel and drink Turkish coffee

  • A picture of co-Founder Ibrahim Chahal who has been working in the field of Da'wah for 15 years

    Ibrahim Chahal

    Ibrahim dedicates himself to whatever he does, he enjoys giving positive advice & decaf lattes

  • A picture of Bassem Saddik, one of the Directors at Tenfold and looks after manufacturing and business development

    Bassam Saddik

    Bassam is committed, there is nothing he can’t source and he has been to China bout 2489 times

  • A picture of Tenfold's Graphic Designer Fazwan Baharim

    Fazwan Baharim

    It's either you have it or you don't, well Fazwan def has it....and he can bake and style some crazy cakes too

  • A picture of Tenfold staff member Kifli

    Kifli Shahabuddin

    Need a task done, this is who to hit up. From spicing up the socials to smashing out orders, Kifli gets the job done.

  • Salem Abduhu who is one the video producers and editors for Tenfold

    Salem Abduhu

    One of the best set of eyes for detail & creativity, Salem loves his camera gear more than Old Town White Coffee

The Tenfold Journey

Witness the impact we’ve made since 2009! With your support, we could do even more!

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