My Prayer

My Prayer resources completed!

With the final promo video shoots and last edits and touches, the project is almost ready to launch! After 11mths of planning, developing, filming and refining the entire team is eager to start distributing the My Prayer Packs!...

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Filming & Production Begins!

After months of planning and preparation, we spend 16hrs on set shooting the Step by Step guide to prayer videos! With a a team of 14 people, we managed to record over 1hr of solid content which will be viewed over 10million times to date!...

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Planning the ‘My Prayer’ Initiative

It was time to put pen to paper and develop the resources needed for the My Prayer initiative. This phase took almost 5mths to complete, in order to ensure longevity of the resource itself....

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2500 Prayer Packs to Detroit

2500 My Prayer Packs donated and distributed to multiple organisations in and around Detroit Michigan, USA!...

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