Middle East Meets Tenfold

Making Our Mark in the Middle East

Tenfold directors meet with Sheikh Hatim Al Harith Abdisalaam in Muscat, Oman to discuss a partnership in Da'wah activities

For many years we have had individuals from the Middle East requesting and ordering our My Prayer packs to learn from and teach others. This popularity grew, with main stream Islamic organisations using our resources to share and teach their communities through our physical and online products.

It was time however, to begin formalising our relationships and really make a solid imprint in the region, further creating a legacy for those who are a part of the Tenfold family.


Visiting and meeting with the Head of Da’wah at the Fanar, Islamic cultural Center. We were amazed at the level of professionalism and structured approach to offer tourists and visitors with the opportunity to experience the Qatari culture and introduce them to the religion which drives their morals, values and ethics, Islam.

Fanar, had previously used the My Prayer resources to teach people the basics of prayer. Our discussion related to various collaboration opportunities and the benefits of doing so.

We were also grateful to have an audience with 2 well-known Qatari national figures who took an interest in the extent of Da’wah work we carry out across the globe, yet do so with such low overheads and budgets.

An image of the iconic Fanar building in Doha Qatar


One of the areas that we would like to build is our online Da’wah resources, a phase we are entering that will enable us to further reduce any overheads, but also allow us to increase our audience reach.

In Kuwait there are several organisations who are leading the way in the E-Da’wah space, we were very fortunate to have been invited by them to sit and strategise a plan forward for Tenfold.

This meeting among others, opened collaboration opportunities that will soon come to fruition in shaa Allah!

Tenfold directors meet with directors of EDC in Kuwait to discuss a partnership in Da'wah activities


With it’s breathtaking scenery and one of the most hospitable peoples we have have ever come across, it was no wonder that the Da’wah programs and initiatives were one of the best we had seen throughout our journeys.

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is truly a spectacle, but the one of the most beautiful things about it is the fact that each and every day, it opens it’s doors to over 1600 tourists, offering them personalised tours throughout the entire Mosque and surrounding gardens. In true Omani fashion, the tour ends with some traditional coffee and desserts, served inside 2 large traditional Arabian style rooms, for visitors to rest, mingle and get to know the locals and one another.

Tenfold are pleased to be partnering with the Grand Mosque to produce learning materials and gifts to be given to the tourists that visit their mosque, to bridge gaps between cultures and to create a platform for dialogue and understanding.

Discussing the Tenfold approach to Da'wah to the organisation who are in charge of the Religous affairs at sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat Oman

The entire Tenfold team are grateful to have been invited by many of these organisations across the Middle-East, to share with them our vision and future plans.

Many great relationships were established and some amazing initiatives and collaborations born as a result of our meetings. We ask Allah to bless all parties involved and make each collaboration successful. Ameen

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