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Be part of an ongoing revolution that has helped over 190,000 globally!

The world’s most simple and effective resource to learn and teach how to pray

My Prayer is an innovative practical prayer mat which has revolutionised the way prayer is learnt and taught around the world.


Establish prayer even whilst learning


Learn how to pray in just a few simple steps


Can be used to learn anytime, anywhere

A uniquely designed product providing step-by-step instructions to learn how to pray. Using the guided prayer mat you can now learn to pray simply and easily, dramatically reducing the time it takes to grasp this rewarding and obligatory pillar!

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Your donation will teach at least 1 person how to pray! You will get the reward for every time they pray


It’s special, It’s rewarding!

A special gift that shares ongoing benefits for everyone! Learn or teach someone how to pray and share in those rewards!

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Our generous sponsors have donated to teach others how to pray. The My Prayer packs have been made available for FREE to those who do not have the means to obtain one.

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