Our Projects

Thousands of people visit Masjids every day!

It’s our duty to welcome them and provide positive, long lasting memories of that special visit!

Allah has invited millions each year to visit His houses, we’re simply making their visit memorable

A beautifully designed gift is given to each visitor, created specifically to showcase and present the beauty of the Masjid they visited and open their hearts to the essence of Islam.

The call to prayer is heard by those visiting the Masjids, provided in their gift, they can read a translation of the call to prayer and learn more about it’s significance.

It’s Memorable

Creates positive memories of their visit

Tourists given a gift as a souvenir

Share memories with family & friends

Simple introduction to Islam

Website to learn more & ask questions

It’s a Solution

Tourists aren’t overwhelmed with pamphlets & books

Freedom to absorb what the mosque has to offer

Gift in their language to learn more about Islam

Resource saving for Masjid committee

Uniformed approach through Masjids globally

Become a sponsor

Your donation will provide Tourists visiting Masjids across the globe with a FREE giftto learn more about Islam


Customised with important facts and breathtaking images of the Masjid, showcasing the architectural beauty, evoking a feeling of nostalgia directly connected to their visit to the House of Allah.

Allah (the Most high) has given us the blessings by sending millions of tourists each year to visit His house, let us welcome them and present Islam as it deserves to be presented.