Tenfold Launch

Tenfold officially launches its new brand and product line in Sydney!

An amazing evening, bringing the community together for what was the most anticipated event in Sydney for 2018!

Being the first community organisation to hold an event at the new Highline Venue and hosting amazing speakers such as; Sh Bilal Dannoun, Sh Akram Buksh, Ust Umm Jamaleddin and the infamous Br Hussin Goss, the night was full of emotion, laughter and sincerity.

Over 10yrs of service to the international Muslim community, providing priceless resources to over 38 countries. Tenfold CEO Mohammad Quadan shared the milestones they had achieved throughout the 10yrs, including assisting over 8million people through physical and digital products!

Tenfold is based on the following verse from the Qur’an…

“Whoever performs a good deed, will have Tenfold for it and more.”

Quran 6:160

Give little, gain tenfold...

We make your donation work for you! Not only are you helping to support the causes below, but you too will receive an on-going reward for your generosity In-sha-Allah!