Tenfold Launches in Malaysia

Five organisations in 3 states, in one week

It was all hands on deck as soon as we got off the plane at our first stop, Malaysia’s Penang Island. We literally dropped off our bags and headed over for our first meeting.

We arrived at the head office and centre of the Islamic Propagation Society International (IPSI) to meet with Tuan Haji Kamarudin Abdullah who is the founder and president of IPSI, along with his staff and team. Discussing the importance of Da’wah and delivering the message of Islam to humanity through knowledge, wisdom and sincerity was the key to success in this life and the next.

We presented the Tenfold products to the team at IPSI and shared the success and benefits of using our products as learning resources for those who have recently accepted Islam, or for those who are born Muslim but want to learn more. Amazed with the simplicity of the Tenfold products, IPSI immediately agreed to sign an MoU with Tenfold an become a major distributor in Penang. IPSI will be using the My Prayer and My Belief packs to gift to people who come through their on-going Da’wah outreach programs in and around Georgetown, Penang.

Sheikh Kamaruddin stands on the My Prayer Mat and is in awe of the project

We continued our visit and met with other organisations in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor who all had similar objectives and projects to spread the message of Islam and enhance the quality of support for new Muslims, through learning and one on one peer support.

Establishing strong connections with these organisations who provide amazing resources and support to the new Muslim community, is a a major blessing. We at Tenfold designed our organisation to work behind the scenes and create quality learning resources for organisations like these, to make it easier for them to focus on spreading the message and doing what they do best. Tenfold met with Hidayah Centre, Global Sadaqah and MRM.

Before we left Kuala Lumpur, we were honored to be interviewed by Malaysia’s largest newspaper Harian Metro! They asked Tenfold to be in an upcoming feature, regarding our International reach and the rapid growth of our organisation across the globe.

We discussed the importance of giving back and the importance to treat Da’wah work as you would with any job, giving it the time, effort and professionalism it needs to flourish.

So blessed to be able to share what we love and do with millions of people.

Tenfold Directors are interviewed by Malaysian Newspaper Harian Metro regarding their Da'wah work

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and organisations for the kind hospitality and support during our visit.

We ask Allah to bring forth that which is of benefit for us all. Ameen

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