The Tenfold Journey

Tenfold Journey

The Tenfold Dream

An image of mohammad and Ibrahim overlayed with a pink colour and the tenfold logo
October 10 2009

With humble beginnings in a Inner South suburb of Sydney, Ibrahim Chahal & Mohammad Quadan began the Tenfold dream.

Planning the ‘My Prayer’ Initiative

A image taken of the original My Prayer DVD designed in 2009
November 18 2009

It was time to put pen to paper and develop the resources needed for the My Prayer initiative. This phase took almost 5mths to complete, in order to ensure longevity of the resource itself.

Filming & Production Begins!

Sheikh Bilal Dannoun on set shooting the videos for My Prayer
January 7 2010

After months of planning and preparation, we spend 16hrs on set shooting the Step by Step guide to prayer videos! With a a team of 14 people, we managed to record over 1hr of solid content which will be viewed over 10million times to date!

My Prayer resources completed!

Tenfold Founders, Ibrahim and Mohammad on set shooting the videos for My Prayer
June 4 2010

With the final promo video shoots and last edits and touches, the project is almost ready to launch! After 11mths of planning, developing, filming and refining the entire team is eager to start distributing the My Prayer Packs!

Video Tutorials go ‘Live’

June 10 2010

The entire My Prayer Step by Step video tutorials go live on Youtube! With hundreds of people sharing it on their own channels, it didn’t take long for us to reach over 8million views alhamdullillah!

15,000 Prayer Packs Distributed!

Mohammad Quadan in Adelaide distributing the My Prayer Project to local organisation IICSA
February 3 2011

This was our first distribution and we couldn’t have been more excited! We blanketed Sydney & Melbourne with My Prayer packs, handing them out for FREE to individuals and organisations!

1st My Prayer Workshop

Learn to pray workshop for children being conducted in a mosque
May 12 2012

Tenfold hold it’s first children’s Learn to Pray workshop in Sydney, Australia!

Guide to Janazah Prayer

April 28 2013

With the My Prayer product being distributed and organically growing, it was time to shoot our next video. Many people didn’t really know how to perform the Janazah prayer and understand the ins and outs of a prayer that is performed daily in Masjids across the world.

50,000 Distributed!

An image of a man praying overlayed with a pink colour and the words 50,000 my prayer packs distributed
January 9 2014

Now with a global reach, Tenfold managed to distribute over 50,000 My Prayer Packs

Tenfold invited to Istanbul

An image of Ortakoy Mosque on the water in Istanbul
May 3 2014

With the popularity and use of the My Prayer resources growing internationally, Mohammad & Ibrahim were personally invited to become members of the Electronic Dawah Committee. A group of members who represent countries from all over the world and solely focus on Da’wah projects. Tenfold were humbled by the request and have played an active role serving the global Da’wah community.

1st fundraising campaign

Tenfold Founders, Ibrahim and Mohammad on set shooting the videos for My Prayer
April 5 2016

With high demand for our resources, we decided to do our first ever fundraising campaign. Filmed in Malaysia with our partners and volunteers, we captured the essence of the product and initiative and present it to the masses in Ramadan 2016!

100,000 Milestone!

An image of a man praying overlayed with a pink colour and the words 100,000 my prayer packs distributed
March 21 2017

Within just 4yrs and no marketing funds, Tenfold managed to double it’s distribution size organically….a HUGE milestone for the Tenfold family!

Tenfold meet with JAKIM

Tenfold directors meet with JAKIM who are the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Malaysia
May 27 2017

Securing an audience with the Ministry of Religious Affairs (JAKIM) of Malaysia, Tenfold presented solutions for JAKIM to provide tourists visiting Mosques around Kuala Lumpur with an opportunity to learn and be introduced to Islam without the need of utalising much needed human resources of the Mosque. JAKIM were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and forward thinking approach and agreed to take it to trial in 2019 in shaa Allah

My Prayer Re-Imagined

An innovative Islamic product which teaches you how to perform your prayer or salah, namaz. In just 12 simple steps you can learn how to pray to Allah
December 8 2017

Tenfold launches new Design! Now in it’s 8th year, it was time for our product to evolve and be re-designed. The new colors and packaging were created in order to be presented with a beautiful gift which worthy of such an important pillar of our lives.

Mohammad Quadan invited to Malaysia!

Tenfold directors meet with JAKIM who are the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Malaysia
December 20 2017

After successfully pitching to JAKIM, CEO Mohammad Quadan was invited back to Malaysia to deliver a talk at the iconic Masjid Putra in Putrajaya. Mohammad discussed the importance of supporting Da’wah initiatives and how to maximise the opportunities for Sadqah Jaariyah rewards. Mohammad was also humbled to have a meeting with the Director General of JAKIM where he introduced Tenfold and it’s vision.

My Belief is born

New Muslim Gift Pack, The My Belief Gift Pack is used to give to new Muslims as a present upon accepting Islam. You can Gift someone a Qu'ran, Guided Prayer Mat, 90 Day Islamic Journal and a book which teaches you how to make wudu and pray
January 9 2018

Seeing the immense impact the My Prayer product had, Tenfold decided to go 1 step further and create a gift pack which is given to those who recently accepted Islam and for those who have been given hidayah to start practicing their birth religion.

Interview with Harian Metro

February 11 2018

With the increasing number of supporters and popularity within Malaysia, Harian Metro asked to sit down with CEO Mohammad Quadan and Director Bassam Saddik to discuss how a small idea became a global initiative and the importance of start-ups in the Da’wah scene.

150K and counting!

An image of a man praying overlayed with a pink colour and the words 150,000 my prayer packs distributed
May 15 2018

With some structure and new focus, the tenfold team managed to distribute the 50,000 in just over 1yr due to the efforts of their partners and volunteers.

A Gift of a Lifetime!

A lady from Lebanon cries as she received a FREE hajj ticket from the donors at Tenfold
September 7 2018

One of Tenfold’s community initiatives is to surprise someone with a fully paid ticket to perform Hajj! Our 1st recipient was Umm Mahmoud from Lebanon, who has been working hard running an outreach centre for Syrian refugees, a Qur’an school and looks after her entire family at the same time. Umm Mahmoud was nominated due to her selfless efforts of taking care of those who are in need. May Allah accept her Hajj and bless her. Ameen.

My Prayer Promo Video

September 29 2018

New My Prayer promo video released. This video shows the benefits of learning from and supporting My Prayer, an initiative which has helped millions around the world.

Official Tenfold Launch

October 25 2018

On October 25th 2018, Tenfold held it’s inaugural fundraising event at the Highline Venue in Sydney, Australia. An amazing night with over 300 attendees, who heard moving talks by Sh Bilal Dannoun, Sh Akram Buksh, Ustadha Umm Jamaleddine and more. Over $180,000 was raised in order to support the Da’wah efforts of Tenfold ma shaa Allah!

Tenfold Establishes HQ

A group photo of the Tenfold Dawah team based in Australia
January 10 2019

With a growth strategy at hand and a proven increase in demand and support, Tenfold decided to officially move from a in-home operation to establishing their Head Office in Adelaide, Australia!

Tenfold partner with IPSI

Tenfold Director Mohammad Quadan and IIPSI Founder Sheikh Kamaruddin sign a MOU to officially confirm their partnership
February 5 2019

Tenfold met with the Islamic Propagation Society International (IPSI) with Tuan Haji Kamarudin Abdullah who is the founder and president of IPSI, along with his staff and team. Discussing the importance of Da’wah and delivering the message of Islam to humanity through knowledge, wisdom and sincerity was the key to success in this life and the next. Amazed with the simplicity of the Tenfold products, IPSI immediately agreed to sign an MoU with Tenfold an become a major distributor in Penang. IPSI will be using the My Prayer and My Belief packs to gift to people who come through their on-going Da’wah outreach programs in and around Georgetown, Penang.

Tenfold humbled to meet Dr Zakir Naik

February 8 2019

It was a privilege and an honor to be invited to the home of who will have to be one of the most influential Daa’es of our time. Dr Zakir was extremely impressed with the innovative approach Tenfold has take and the level of quality and professionalism their branding and products portray. He said that in the Muslim world we need to have products like this, such a high standard to be used for Da’wah and spreading the message if Islam, presenting it in the best and most beautiful way possible. Tenfold is humbled to be able to collaborate with Dr Zakir Naik and his team moving forward inshaAllah. May Allah bless Dr Zakir Naik and his family for all they have done. Ameen!

Praise gets the Nod in Oman

Mohammad Quadan discussing the Tenfold approach to Da'wah to the organisation who are in charge of the Religous affairs at sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat Oman
March 12 2019

With over 1600 tourists visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque daily, Tenfold successfully presented the Praise initiative the Director of the Mosque with a welcoming response. Praise is set to kick off in the 2nd half of 2019 in shaa Allah!

My Prayer for Women

Muslim women revert learn how to pray with ease with the Guided Prayer Mat from Tenfold
March 28 2019

With a growing demand for a female prayer resource, Tenfold created a special pack just for women. This will be available in October 2019 in shaa Allah!

Tenfold Distribute in NZ

Tenfold distribute My Prayer Packs in Christchurch New Zealand. In this photo the Imam and Brother Issam are holding the My Prayer Pack
April 7 2019

Tenfold were on the ground assisting masjids with resources for the influx of visitors who were paying their tributes to the victims of the Christchurch attacks and curious to know more about Islam. Over 1000 My Prayer Packs were distributed Auckland and Christchurch from within the Mosques that were attacked. We ask Allah to accept the martyrs in Al Firdaous. Ameen

Workshop in Brisbane

A group of Muslims sitting together in a mosque learning how to pray using the my prayer mat
April 9 2019

Hows this for a collaboration…. A Learn to Pray Workshop for converts to Islam which involved 3 organisations: 1. Kuraby Mosque (Facilities and Resources) 2. Brisbane Muslim Fellowship (Conducted the Workshop) 3. Tenfold supplied the My Prayer Resources We are so humbled to be able to be part of teaching someone how to pray through our product! Just seriously, imagine being able to help teach someone how to pray…just think about all the rewards you will rack up…its mind blowing tbh 🤯

My Prayer Workshop in Hong Kong

A new Muslim is looking at how to perform prayer with the My Prayer Mat in Hong Kong
April 17 2019

In partnership with the Islamic Council of Hong Kong, Tenfold prepared and supplied resources for a Learn to Pray workshop in downtown Hong Kong.

170,000 Milestone!

An image of a man praying overlayed with a pink colour and the words 170,000 my prayer packs distributed
May 19 2019

Wow! 170,000 My Prayer Packs distributed to over 38 countries. We ask Allah to bless all those who have supported this initiative. Ameen

My First Prayer

A picture of Muslim children cartoon characters Amina & Zain from the My 1st Prayer product
July 29 2019

A new milestone for Tenfold, announcing the future launch of their children’s product lines to be released in November 2019 in shaa Allah!

Tenfold Builds a Masjid in Malawi

July 31 2019

Tenfold are proud to announce the completion of Masjid Abdullah sponsord by Tenfold in Ethiopia